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7. Bipyramid-Templated Synthesis of Monodisperse Noble Metal Nanocrystals


PCT Patent Appl. No. PCT/US16/31522 filed May 9, 2016 

6. Nanostructured Devices Including Analyte Detectors, and Related  Methods

Publication Info: 20110171629 (A1) – 2011-07-14

5. Optical Detection of Analytes by use of Semiconductor Nanoparticles


Publication Info: WO2008001376 (A2) - 2008-01-03

4. Detection of Analytes in a Medium

Publication info: WO2008001376 (A2) - 2008-01-03

3. Determination of an Analyte in a Liquid Medium

Publication info: US2006057578 (A1) - 2006-03-16

2. Method and System of Detecting Nucleic Acids

Publication info: US2004023258 (A1) - 2004-02-05

1. Determination of an Analyte in Liquid Medium

Publication info: WO03096014 (A2) - 2003-11-20

Synthetic nucleic acid and plasmonic nanomaterials design group